Luxurious Spa-Ready Towel Guide

by Ashley Frost

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you’ll remember the warm, fluffy towels folded to perfection. Towels are not, and should not, be the focus of your self-care. However, they can take a mundane bathtime routine and add a splash of opulence to help you feel pampered. This guide will help take your ordinary bath towel and turn it into a luxurious spa-ready towel. Pair your spa-ready towel with Relic Salt and mineral blends, and you’re ready for an unforgettable experience. 

The first thing that you need to know about the drabby towels stuffed in your bathroom cupboard is that they can be revived. No need to splurge on expensive towels to feel like bath royalty. The once-fluffy towels may now be rough and flat, but a couple quick fixes can revive them to their former glory: 

  • Towels become rough due to soap build-up from detergent. Next time you wash a load of towels, add 1 cup of vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda to the washing machine. This will help release the detergent from the fibers and soften your towels. 
  • Dry the towels on a warm setting that’s not too hot. Add a tennis ball to the dryer for even fluffier towels. 

The second thing you want to know about having a spa-ready bath towel is that spa towels are usually warm. There’s nothing worse than having a relaxing and cleansing bath experience, and then come out shivering from the cold air. If you didn’t just take your towel out of the dryer, and you don’t have a spa towel warmer, you can use these simple spa towel warmer instructions so you don’t feel cold coming out of your warm bath. 

  1. Place your towel in the dryer with a damp washcloth. 
  2. Put on a warm cycle for 10-15 minutes. 
  3. Use immediately. 

The last thing you need to know about bath towels is you don’t need to be a professional to fold a spa towel, and you don’t need to be an origami master either. It only takes a few minutes to fold your towels like a spa professional. Follow this easy infographic for how to properly fold your bath towel. Plus, you know what they say: practice makes perfect. 

Use Relic’s Ultimate Home Spa Guide for more inspiration on creating an unforgettable spa night. You can use your spa-ready towel to complete the full experience. 

Also make sure to check out Relic’s salt and mineral blends to help you feel the soothing benefits that the earth has to offer. Your bath won’t be complete without Relic, even if you have the fluffiest towels in the world. 

 Go ahead; you deserve this. Soak it in.