Tired of Aging Skin? Try Adding Tocotrienol to These 5 Skin Routines!

by Ashley Frost

We all want healthy, radiant skin, but there’s a lot that can get in our way like troublesome wrinkles, dryness, and sun damage—just to name a few. But before you take your skin’s steady decline at face value, try adding Ambrosia Wellness liquid tocotrienol to these five skin routines:

  • Start right: infuse your body wash
  • If you want to start your skincare routine right, the best place to begin is the shower. Make sure to exfoliate your skin, and infuse your body wash with liquid tocotrienol. Just add 6-8 drops in your body wash container, mix well, and use as instructed. 

  • Create a luxurious lotion blend
  • Moisturizing daily is important for any skincare routine, and it can be expensive. However, you can make your lotions more effective and less expensive by including a few drops of liquid tocotrienol in your lotion bottle. For small bottles, try adding 4-6 drops of liquid tocotrienol and for larger bottles try 6-8 drops. Mix well.

  • Build upon a strong makeup foundation
  • Including tocotrienol in your daily makeup routine is simple and effective. While you can be creative (like some of the suggestions we have here [link], we suggest starting at the foundation. Try adding 3-5 drops of Ambrosia Wellness liquid tocotrienol to your foundation or primer. Your makeup will do all the work, and you’ll love the results. 

  • Take facial cleanser to the next level 
  • Next time you’re about to use a facial cleanser, make sure to grab your Ambrosia Wellness liquid tocotrienol dropper. Add a drop of tocotrienol to your palms and apply it with your cleanser as you usually would. 

  • Stubborn skin? Directly apply liquid tocotrienol
  • Do you have some troublesome age spots? Maybe you’re just not feeling super confident in your own skin. If adding tocotrienols to your skin care products isn’t doing the trick, try directly applying liquid tocotrienol to the area daily using the Ambrosia Wellness dropper. It is safe, effective, and easy! 

    Because tocotrienols are powerful antioxidants, they may help reverse or slow skin damage due to free radicals. Just like any other aspect of your health and wellness routine, please consult your healthcare provider before changing or trying something new. 

    Do you use Ambrosia Wellness liquid tocotrienol in your skincare routine? Let us know below!