Q: How do I use Relic bath salts?

A: Fill your bathtub with warm water. Pour in the package of Relic bath salts and enjoy a revitalizing bath. To increase feelings of relaxation, try dimming the lights, lighting candles, and playing relaxing music or reading your favorite book.

Q: What’s the best temperature for my bath water?

A: Your bath water should be warm but not too hot. Health professionals recommend a bath temperature of 96-104°F.

Q: How often should I take a bath?

A: How often you take a bath often depends on your type of lifestyle. However, we recommend a bath once a day, two to three times a week.

Q: When is the best time to take a bath?

A: Every person is different! Some people like to take a bath in the morning to invigorate their minds and spark creativity. Others prefer taking a bath to unwind from their busy day as part of a nightly routine. If you need help sleeping, we recommend taking a bath at night since, after taking a bath, the body’s temperature mimics the circadian rhythm which helps you to feel relaxed and sleepy.