Relic Salts for Business

Add value to your business by giving your customers what they want: high-end, sleek, and individual bath salts.

Gone are the days of clunky, messy, and not-so-glamorous Epsom salt baths, and your business can lead the revolution. Relic is the culmination of ancient mineral bathing combined with contemporary self-care. Relic offers your customers real value by not only providing a variety of luxurious Epsom salt baths, but by providing an equally indulgent bath experience to match the quality of the salts. 

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Without further ado, here are three reasons why you’ll be stocking Relic bath salts on your shelves in no time:


  • A Variety of Products for Your Customers

    While pure Epsom salt is a classic addition to many bathtubs around the world, it’s also not the only option. Relic provides your customers with a variety of choices that will best suit their individual needs and preferences. In fact, we offer five different Epsom salts blends—each designed to help customers submerge themselves into the Relic experience of relaxation, connection, and healing. Simply click on the links to learn more about each of these bath salt blends: 

    • Relic Epsom Salt                                                                                             
    • Relic Epsom Salt with Ancient Mineral Salt 
    • Relic Epsom Salt with Ancient Mineral Salt and Coconut Oil
    • Relic Epsom Salt with Ancient Mineral Salt and Coconut Oil and Tocotrienols
    • Relic Epsom Salt with Ancient Mineral Salt and Coconut Oil and Hemp Oil
    • Fabric Refresher for Masks and Hats

  • There’s a silent epidemic among your customers: Stress
  • Although this applies to all your customers, we’re going to focus on just one group of your customers: millennials. It’s no mystery that millennials hold a lot of buying power. In fact, according to BizJournals, millennials are the largest section of the workforce, and they’ll spend over $1.4 trillion just this year. But they’ve got a problem. They’re stressed! In fact, over 44 percent of millennials are “chronically work-stressed,” meaning they feel chronic stress due to just their jobs. That’s not even including relationships, home responsibilities, or any other stressor. Plus, this is only one demographic. Stress is rising significantly among all groups and demographics, regardless of age. Relic is part of a solution to a big stress problem. Relic bath salts help customers to take needed time for self-care. Our Epsom salt blends are not only designed to relieve stress by providing pre-measured, single-bath packets that are also created for wholeness: delivering the body with vital minerals that replenish with each soak. You can provide this soothing and healing benefit to your customers. 


  • Convenience is King
  • One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear from Epsom salt enthusiasts is the bulky storage containers that are hard to seal. Plus, they will inevitably make a huge mess. Who wants that? Relic bath blends are convenient because there’s no measuring, no messy storage, and no hiding bulky Epsom salt containers in the bathroom cupboards. Relic’s bath blends are pre-measured for the perfect amount for an individual and indulgent soak. Plus, you can sell them in one-day, one-week, or even one-month kits to customize the experience for your customers. And even though our packages are convenient, Relic’s stylish and alluring packaging creates a spa-quality experience for your customers. 


    All of Relic’s salts and mineral blends help heal, soothe, repair, and revitalize the body. Our bath salts are 100% bath grade, made in the USA, anti-microbial, and contain over 60 minerals* that  help replenish and nourish the body. 


    Discover the benefits of our Epsom Salt blends and uncover the Relic products perfectly tailored to complement your customers’ lifestyles. You can contact us any time to get quotes on wholesale pricing and more!

    Go ahead. 

    Soak it in. 

    *In the blends containing Ancient Mineral Salt.